Step into elegance and style with our luxurious ALYA Abaya that features a unique self-embroidered design in Khaki. Perfect for those looking for a modest yet fashionable look for a casual outing with friends or a shopping haul. With its warm Khaki tone, our Abaya will make you feel confident and stylish even on the sunniest days. 

This Abaya construction incorporates embroidery, which instills each piece with sophistication and individuality, while also showcasing the intricate allure of linen fabric. The collection is enhanced by delicate designs that provide depth and texture, resulting in a statement Abaya that is unique and captivating.

Linen Abayas are a beautiful and practical investment for those who appreciate comfort and breathability in their garments. From the selection of the finest flax fibers to the meticulous weaving and finishing process, every step is carefully executed for unparalleled quality. 

Dry-clean only